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This is a big guide! We’ve divided the information on puppy stages into three clear sections so that you can find what you need. Section 1: Puppy Milestones (ears, eyes, walking, barking, weaning, teething) Section 2: Puppy Growth Stages (growth rates & weight, puppy growth charts) Section 3: Puppy Development By Week.

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Recommendations for pot sizes: • ½ litre: Seedlings and young plants up to ~15cm. • 2-3 litres: Plant height up to ~25cm. • 5 litres: Plant height up to 60cm. • 11 litres and more: Average plant height (check strain description) For the average indoor grow, you can fit nine 11-litre pots per square metre.

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CO2 Calculator. This form will calculate how much CO2 will be needed to fill a grow room to the required level. It will also determine how long it will take to fill at the given rate. It will not calculate how often. CO2 is an odorless, invisible, and non-flammable gas. It is also safe for humans in the maximum concentrations recommended for.

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A Lot of Bang for the Buck!!! Grow More All Purpose Fertilizer 20-20-20, 25 lb. bag will last you a long time and help your plants, trees and dead/balding grass grow. It is water soluble, contains no odor, and is easy to mix and apply. This huge bag is cost effective and can be compared to "Miracle Grow.".

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